HTB – TiB2

HTB – TiB2
A hard coating with a low coefficient of friction, recommended for high silicon aluminium alloys, titanium alloys, magnesium alloys, no lead brass, bronze and copper alloys. Formally known as Aluspeed.
  • Colour:
  • Microhardness:
    4000 HV
  • Coefficient of friction:
  • Oxidation temperature:
    850°C / 1562°F
  • Thickness:
    1-2 Microns (based on tool diameter)
Machining Applications

Aluminium Alloys
Titanium Alloys
Magnesium Alloys
Copper Alloys
Graphite Machining

Wearing Applications

Hard Surface
Ultra-Low co of friction
Wear indication benefits
Visual advantages: Silver in colour

Characteristics of the Hardcoating Technologies coating materials