HPH perfectly combines the high temperature of a silicon-enhanced coating with the excellent adhesion of HiPIMS technology. The premium HPH coating demonstrates the superior combination of hardness and adhesion especially in hard machining of moulds & dies and machining high-alloy stainless steels for high temperature applications such as for turbines, the chemical industry or exhaust gas turbochargers. The smooth droplet-free surface ensures optimum surface quality and decreases the temperature in the cutting zone by reducing friction. Formally known as Hi-Pulse Hard (HARDLOX)
  • Colour:
  • Microhardness:
    3800 HV
  • Coefficient of friction:
  • Oxidation temperature:
    1100°C / 2010°F
  • Thickness:
    1 - 5 Microns (based on tool diameter)
Machining Applications

Hardened Steels
High temp applications

Wearing Applications

High temp resistance
Low co of friction

Characteristics of the Hardcoating Technologies coating materials